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Lymph Node Mapping Ultrasound

Lymph Node Mapping Ultrasound

Need a Lymph Node Mapping Ultrasound? We at Life Imaging can perform a detailed sonogram of your neck in Pembroke Pines, Florida at a reduced fee. Please Call (954) 436-6622.


Lymph node mapping is a detailed head and neck ultrasound that evaluates lymph nodes around the thyroid gland and in the neck adjacent to the thyroid gland. The strategic value of ultrasound imaging in both treating and following patients with thyroid cancer has become increasingly appreciated over the past decades.


Ultrasound is used to identify suspicious lymph nodes and your thyroid doctor can accurately diagnose and inform your surgeon on how extensive your thyroid surgery needs to be. The key to determining the extent of the appropriate initial surgery as well as the recognition of recurrent cancer is the ultrasound’s ability to detect early malignancy in the regional neck lymph nodes. Getting the correct surgery, the first time can save you from having to undergo additional surgeries in the future.


If you have a biopsy-proven thyroid cancer or suspicious thyroid nodule, it is important to undergo lymph node mapping prior to the removal of your thyroid gland (This is endorsed by the American Thyroid Association). Ultrasound results are highly dependent on the person performing the procedure, so getting your lymph node mapping performed by an expert is important. We perform numerous lymph node mapping ultrasounds for Endocrinologist’s weekly.


Lymph node mapping is also performed after thyroid surgery to monitor for thyroid cancer recurrence. The most likely place for most thyroid cancers to return is in the lymph nodes in the neck. If you already have thyroid cancer, you should be getting lymph node mappings regularly to monitor for recurrence.


The thyroid is a gland located in the neck region which makes a hormone called thyroxine that controls how fast the body converts food into energy (metabolism). Ultrasound can help measure the size and shape of the thyroid gland, but it cannot tell how well the thyroid gland is working.


What happens during the Lymph Node Mapping ultrasound exam?
The patient lies on a table with the neck area exposed. The sonographer (technologist who performs the exam) will put a warm water-based gel on the skin surface. The gel helps to transmit the sound waves by excluding air. An instrument called a transducer, which is about the size of a microphone, will be moved over the skin surface by the sonographer.


How do I prepare for this test?
No preparation is needed.


How long will it take?
About thirty minutes.


Will it hurt?


How will I learn the results?
You may call your doctor to discuss the results.

  • Lymph Node Mapping Ultrasound

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