High Deductible? No Health Insurance? No Problem! Diagnostic Ultrasound Services in Pembroke Pines & North Miami, Florida

Life Imaging established in 1991, is a medical diagnostic company located in North Miami, South Miami as well as Pembroke Pines, Florida. We provide a variety of non-invasive ultrasound procedures to Hospitals, Medical Centers, Diagnostic Centers, Nursing Facilities, as well as Private Physician offices throughout South Florida. In addition, we specialize in Clinical Research Ultrasound Trials.


All you need is your doctors prescription. For information on the cost or preparation, please click on your sonogram below:

Abdomen  ·  Abdominal Aorta  ·  Gallbladder  ·  Liver  ·  Pancreas  ·  Renal (Kidneys)  ·  Spleen  ·  Echocardiogram  ·  Carotid Duplex  ·  Female Pelvis  ·  Transvaginal  ·  Obstetrical  ·  Prostate  ·  Urinary Bladder  ·  Upper Arterial  ·  Lower Arterial  ·  Photoplethysmography  ·  Lower Venous  ·  Thyroid  ·  Scrotum (Testicular) · Lymph Node Mapping

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We are conveniently located in North Miami, right across the street from Jackson North Hospital, South Miami on Coral Way and the Palmetto (826 Expressway) and Pembroke Pines behind the City Furniture store on Pines Blvd and Hiatus Road.

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We specialize in Clinical Research Ultrasound studies

We have more than 18 years of Clinical Research experience including strict protocols for endometrial studies in post menopausal woman, Endometriosis, Ovarian Follicle Growth and Maturation, Urinary Bladder studies for male incontinence, Echocardiography with Tissue Doppler and TAPSE for patients with COPD/HF. We are certified by the Brigham & Women’s Hospital Cardiac Imaging Core Laboratory in Boston for cardiac imaging studies, ERT Echocardiogram Certified, Bioclinica, Parexel, ICON and other Clinical Research Organizations and Clinical Trial Technology Companies.

TONOMETRY - We are specialist in Clinical Research Tonometry and are certified by Cardiovascular Engineering in the use of the NiHem system for Tonometry of brachial, radial, femoral, carotid arteries and Doppler input and spectral waveform extraction.

PULMONARY FUNCTION TESTS - We perform Clinical Research PFT's that include Spirometry with Diffusion Capacity (DLCO).

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To Schedule Your Appointment Please Call: (954) 436-6622