High-End Ultrasound Equipment

We utilize premium performance ultrasound systems

We employ high-end portable ultrasound systems to deliver the best image quality in a very reduced size and weight in cardiology, radiology, women’s healthcare and point-of-care.

Ultrasound system capabilities

Fully digital
Cardiovascular module with measurement and analysis package (Full Cardiac & Vascular Package)
Collapsible cart
Harmonic Imaging
Second harmonic imaging
Tissue enhanced imaging
Single frame clips triggered on ECG store capability (with cable)
Continuous capture capability
High sensitivity steerable Pulse wave, Continuous wave,
Color Doppler
Power Doppler
Tissue Doppler
Dicom 3 export format

Probes or Transducers

-Cardiac (2.5 Mhz, PW, CW, M-Mode, Harmonics, Power Doppler, Tissue Doppler, CMM) used for echocardiograms and transcranial doppler.
-Linear (7.5 Mhz, PW, CW, Harmonics, Power Doppler,) used for breast, thyroid, soft tissue, carotids, peripheral vascular and MSK.
-Endocavity transducer (3 to 9 MHz) used for transrectal and transvaginal procedures.